Paris Love Photography
Paris Love Photography


  1. “When will I receive my photos?”: PLP offers one of the best turn around times in the business. Turn around time varies depending on the session you have booked as well what you may have added or discussed with the photographer. Turn around time can be between Same day - 5 business days ( Mon - Fri ).

  2. “What comes with that?”: Different sessions vary what will be offered to the client. By heading over to the “Bookings” tab you will see a “Learn more” more tab next to everyone session. By clicking that tab you will see everything listed and given.

  3. “Can I add more looks etc.?”: Yes, upon scheduling your session you will have the option(s) to add more looks, changes, visuals that comes with additional time.

  4. “Do I need to put down a deposit?”: Yes, until the deposit is made your date and time will be still up for other financial opportunities or simply not confirmed.

  5. “Are there contracts involved?”: That will be completely up to the client. Unless the photographer suggest a contract should be held depending on the task that needs to be performed.

  6. “How will I receive the photos?”: PLP offers your own personalized web link. This link gives the client to have and review all their raw ( unedited jpegs )images in one place. Also this link can be downloaded and shared amongst family, friends etc. Further directions on what to do will be sent in the email under the link.

  7. “Best way to contact you”: If given, please call my phone. Otherwise the email in my “contact” tab is the best way.

  8. “Can I make payments?”: Yes, PLP offers clients to make payments up to the day of the session. If the payment is not completed before the timing booked for the session, the session will not start until completed. Please be noticed, if you would like a documental receipt you would have to make payments over the website and not cash or other payment apps.

  9. “Why choose PLP?”: I’m glad you asked and I’m sure this one of the most common questions asked to self. PLP stands out from the competition in many ways. From fast turnaround, to great and interactive customer service and pricing. PLP really strives for what most competitors lack. Quality. Quality is PLP’s main goal each and every session it books. From the moment the camera is pulled out nothing will be performed short of professionalism, customer satisfaction and quality overall. Remember, “You get what you pay for.”